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    Also, I made these films+music for genius industrial designer Jenny Nordberg. 3 to 5 Minutes – Rapid handmade furniture by Jenny Nordberg from Jenny Nordberg on Vimeo. 3 to 5 Seconds – Rapid handmade production, Part II by Jenny Nordberg from Jenny Nordberg on Vimeo. 3 to 5 Seconds – Rapid handmade production by Jenny […]

  • Metaphors (not my hand)

    Metaphors (not my hand)

    [portfolio_slideshow id=851] I took part in a “DJ-battle” at Little Finger magazine’s 2 year party at Moderna Muséet Malmö. We were five people (I think?) taking turns mixing records, one each at a time. I suppose the idea of battling comes from old school hip-hop DJ culture, and is deeply embedded within ideas of what […]

  • Sighting

    [portfolio_slideshow id=820]

  • Artifacts


    Version of Warhol’s The Kiss (1963) that emphasises the compression artifacts of YouTube (and in this version also Vimeos compression) through use of simple video editing techniques. This is a 1 min excerpt of first sketch.

  • Do you remeber Conceptual Art?

    Do you remeber Conceptual Art? Ye Olde Conceptualism. Detta verk kan framstå som förnumstigt. Tröttsamt didaktiskt, en slags slutpunkt. Stackars konceptkonsten. Men alltså detta är inte klart. Det är inte slut. Samhällsklimatet idag gör frågan om vilket tillstånd som har mest agens hyperaktuell. Förbildligande av ting, förtingligande av människor, granulerande av text. En spik fasttejpad […]


    So where does this fit?

  • Generic art objects

    Generic art objects

    Just like the white podium manufactured and kept in galleries and other art institutions – why not also make a set of generic art objects? Exhibiting artists can use them if necessary and make them work by arranging, contextualising and situating them in that particualar space and for that occasion. [portfolio_slideshow id=750]

  • Inside and outside of the frame

    The frame still works, but you have to decide so. Whithin the frame art, outside everything else. At the same time it is so hopelessly defunct. Context killed it. But then again: It seems there is now an all-encompassing frame. A Hubble Bubble of potential art. Still, the old frame works, in everyday life. […]

  • Strobe logic

    Working against the logic of the strobe; the steady tempo, the quantization, the binary – how to do that and what would be the outcome? Light therapy? Daylight simulation? A Stargate situation?

  • Off air

    Extended broadcast