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  • All Spec Kit

    All Spec Kit

    Musical project spanning roughly from 1999 through 2007. [portfolio_slideshow id=742] Live concert recorded at the 53 Hour John Cage event at Rooseum, Malmö in 2003: [audiotube id=”FMbbzpzIR78″ size=”medium”] —> “Busy Topic” album on Spotify, released by Komplott Records in 2005. —> Downloadable EP – “Starfield Simulation series 7” at Komplott Records —> Releases at Discogs

  • Spectrography workshop and exhibition

    Spectrography workshop and exhibition

    Objects/Sound, 2011 Documentation of my work in the exhibition resulting from the Spectography workshop at Skånes Konstförening October 2011. The workshop was led by Fredrik Olofsson. [portfolio_slideshow id=616]