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  • All Spec Kit

    All Spec Kit

    Musical project spanning roughly from 1999 through 2007. [portfolio_slideshow id=742] Live concert recorded at the 53 Hour John Cage event at Rooseum, Malmö in 2003: [audiotube id=”FMbbzpzIR78″ size=”medium”] —> “Busy Topic” album on Spotify, released by Komplott Records in 2005. —> Downloadable EP – “Starfield Simulation series 7” at Komplott Records —> Releases at Discogs

  • Voice Range, Dialect, Genre

    Voice Range, Dialect, Genre

    Sound. 2012 4:24 min “Voice Range, Dialect, Genre” is a reworking of Canadian author Derek Beaulieu’s “Local Colour”, which is a reworking of Paul Auster’s novella “Ghosts”. “Voice Range, Dialect, Genre” is part of “Local Colour; Ghosts, Variations” published by In Edit Mode Press / Publication Studio Malmö. My work is a sound piece, and […]

  • Spectrography workshop and exhibition

    Spectrography workshop and exhibition

    Objects/Sound, 2011 Documentation of my work in the exhibition resulting from the Spectography workshop at Skånes Konstförening October 2011. The workshop was led by Fredrik Olofsson. [portfolio_slideshow id=616]

  • Is This Working?

    Is This Working?

    Installation, 2007 An installation that consists of a temporary office-like “workspace” built out of kitchen related objects, and a modular contruction made from purple wooden poles and lumps of insulation foam which are spread through the space. From the speakers you hear sporadic eruptions of low frequency rumbling. The piece is an experiment with the […]

  • Internal Speech

    Internal Speech

    Performance, 2010 An interpretation of a recording of Allen Ginsberg reciting/singing/playing a poem by William Blake filtered through a memory of an aural hallucination. This was part of the release of Ineditmode Press’ publication Counting Each Step of the Sun. [portfolio_slideshow id=524]

  • Jag har en stark känsla av (…)

    Jag har en stark känsla av (…)

    Performance. 2012 Full title: Jag har en stark känsla av att det är något vi just nu inte tänker på A narrative containing desolate sites, the rules of a board game using triangulation as a mechanic, fire alarms, a story of a memory of a concert triggered by seeing a live recording of the show, […]

  • Pollonium Blommande

    Pollonium Blommande

    Audio. 2010 4:49 min Re-working of poet Peder Alexis Olsson’s audio piece Kompoststation and part of the text+audio publication Kompoststation. Peder Alexis reading is layered 210 times, slightly displaced in time relative to each other. [audiotube id=”_4WgyhXfuYc” size=”medium”] [portfolio_slideshow id=348 size=large]

  • Flag


    Powerpoint animation. 2004 9:25 min (loop) “Flag” by musical artist All Spec Kit (Andreas Kurtsson) was originally published in the form of a Powerpoint file (made with Microsoft Office 2003) and was released as an online download by record label Komplott in 2004 (catalogue number bull12). The ppt-file was set to loop infinitely. The following […]

  • Audio Commentary

    Audio Commentary

    performance w. video / sound 2008 / 2011 Full and final title is “Audio Commentary on the Céline Dion Field Recordings”. A performance where I use the format of an “audio commentary”, usually found as a bonus feature on DVDs. Here I read a text along individual sound recordings which I have previously used when […]

  • Malmo by Proxy

    Malmo by Proxy

    This sound installation is part of the exhibition Malmo by Proxy at the Milan Furniture Fair 2013 and at Form/Design-center in Malmö. It consists of sounds collected from all over Malmö on the theme of the transitory and liminal. [audiotube id=”hTAKKd9cNyw” size=”medium”]