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  • Det föreställer ett bergslandskap (…)

    Det föreställer ett bergslandskap (…)

    Video installation multichannel 2006 Full title: Det föreställer ett bergslandskap, eller något helt annat English title: It depicts a mountain scenery, or something completely different A work about the urge to give meaning to things we see and hear. (Video documentation will follow shortly.) [portfolio_slideshow id=667]

  • VJ at Gislaved Konsthall, Aug 31 2013

    VJ at Gislaved Konsthall, Aug 31 2013

    I was invited to do a live video performance at the inauguration of Gislaved Konsthall. I mixed historical and present-day still images of the house, people connected to it and views of the town with live camera input. [portfolio_slideshow id=642]

  • Man upplever att man som betraktare (…)

    Man upplever att man som betraktare (…)

    Video installation, 2012 2:18 min (loop) Full title: Man upplever att man som betraktare plötsligt medverkar i bilden A video loop consisting of photos of a tv screen. The screen shows a Swedish cultural news show. The subtitles have frozen and the one line stuck is saying “as a spectator you feel that you are […]

  • Internal Speech

    Internal Speech

    Performance, 2010 An interpretation of a recording of Allen Ginsberg reciting/singing/playing a poem by William Blake filtered through a memory of an aural hallucination. This was part of the release of Ineditmode Press’ publication Counting Each Step of the Sun. [portfolio_slideshow id=524]

  • Jag har en stark känsla av (…)

    Jag har en stark känsla av (…)

    Performance. 2012 Full title: Jag har en stark känsla av att det är något vi just nu inte tänker på A narrative containing desolate sites, the rules of a board game using triangulation as a mechanic, fire alarms, a story of a memory of a concert triggered by seeing a live recording of the show, […]

  • Flag


    Powerpoint animation. 2004 9:25 min (loop) “Flag” by musical artist All Spec Kit (Andreas Kurtsson) was originally published in the form of a Powerpoint file (made with Microsoft Office 2003) and was released as an online download by record label Komplott in 2004 (catalogue number bull12). The ppt-file was set to loop infinitely. The following […]

  • Audio Commentary

    Audio Commentary

    performance w. video / sound 2008 / 2011 Full and final title is “Audio Commentary on the Céline Dion Field Recordings”. A performance where I use the format of an “audio commentary”, usually found as a bonus feature on DVDs. Here I read a text along individual sound recordings which I have previously used when […]

  • Debris


    video. 2008 3:00 min Debris is based on an audio recording where I try to remember a dream just after waking up. I forgot about the recording for a few years and found it while going though archived material. The film focus on sections in the story where you find shifts in the narrative typical […]

  • Pixel Pupil

    Pixel Pupil

    Video (loop). 2010 6:08 min Someone is trying to align a dead pixel with the center of his eye. [portfolio_slideshow id=196]