Försäljningen och Väderleken

I used to have a day job at a store, and during that time the staff got weekly letters from the boss. In them he wrote about sales figures and speculated on whether or not the store would reach the set goals. There where something astonishing and at the same time touching to see the management set their hope for survival in the weather.

For the piece The Sales and the Weather I picked out sentences from the emails and put them up at four unused billboards. In the texts the speaker sets his hopes to something beyond human control. I imagine that as a sign of people’s irrational motivations in the systems which talk about themselves as being controllable and rational. The fluctuations of weather systems, as the movements on the stock market, are studied in order to be predicted. But in our relationship to them, divination, hopes and fears co-exist as actual powers. And today, when it seems there is no doubt that everyday over consumption has a direct influence on the weather, the shortcircuit is closed. It is as if the building itself is talking in its sleep, ruining the supposed shopping mood.

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