Installation, wifi-routers
2014 / 2020

The piece consists of twelve wireless routers. The routers are not connected to anything – all they do is broadcast their own names in a local wireless network. These names, which can be seen in a list of available networks on a smartphone, together form a fragmentary text. The text speculates whether it is  possible to decipher the information relayed through the networks through sensing various physical manifestations in the body, but also about the concern about how the electromagnetic radiation may affect the human body. Since the physical dimensions of the work are not visible, the screen becomes a proxy sense organ. Depending on where the work is displayed, other network names will be in the list – it is impossible to contain. There is leakage.

The SSID texts:

att du befinner dig inuti texten

att genom kittlingar, rysningar

du borde oroa dig for

gigahertz, medborgargarden

ilningar, punktvis huvudvark

muntorrhet, magknip, yrsel

natverkets joniserande stralning

problem att fokusera blicken

samhallskroppens arvsanlag

som delar in och delar upp

tyda tecknen, avkoda signalerna

uppblossande eksem, vallningar